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College Decisions and Options

The financial crisis has reared its ugly head once again, this time leaving many high school graduates with fewer options for college. Across the country, state colleges and universities are dealing with reduced budgets by reducing enrollment.  I spoke with Robert Garber, President Emeritus of Pearce College, in Woodland Hills, California, about what great public higher education might look like today.  

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Roadtrip from you know where......

Family travel can be family fun, even when disaster strikes!  Here's a tale from Colorado's Schofield Pass Road that will have you planning your next staycation!

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Get them Cooking with Sam the Cooking Guy!

Cooking is a skill your young adults need.  Sam the Cooking Guy makes cooking easy and fun with amazingly tasty recipes that even
beginners can handle...

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A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating offers an enticing promise: Never be taken advantage of again. Despite the irresistibility of that, I probably would never have bought this book on my own. Oh, what I would have missed!!!

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