Mary Handfelt


A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a B.S. in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior I have spent 20 years honing my communication talents in the corporate training, sales and video production arenas.

My experience includes management positions in Marketing and Human Resources with the Tratec division of McGraw-Hill.  Later, as Vice President of Sunbreak Productions, an Emmy-award winning corporate film and video production company, I was executive producer of most of the firms educational and training videos for Fortune 500 companies, including Hilton Hotels and Xerox Corporation. 

While an at-home Mom for many years I worked to bring Art Corps, a volunteer based fine arts education program, to my children's school.  For the last seven years I have led training workshops preparing parent volunteers to deliver art lessons in the classroom.  

Additional volunteer undertakings include a variety of fundraising projects as well as developing a Drama program for a community church, which included writing and directing  more than a dozen short plays.  

As a Board Member and volunteer with U-TOUCH I wrote and co-edited the recently published Secrets of War, a book of stories and drawings by students in northern Uganda.  U-TOUCH is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing opportunity through technology to disadvantaged people around the world.  

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